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Nama Perusahaan : Biofarma
Industri : Health
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Semua Jakarta, Jakarta
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At the age of 124 years, Bio Farma shows its existence as a world class vaccines and anti-sera manufacturer of global competitiveness. The great attention to research and development of products is the key to its success. Bio Farma strives to innovate in various fields refers to the international standards and current quality management system. One hundred and twenty years is a very long period of time. Only a few can reach that age. Bio Farma is one of the few companies which are able to survive and continue to grow over 120 years.

Bio Farma has passed various revolutions and the regimes. This company also has been modified the corporation several times to follow the time changes.
Bio Farma is a State Owned Enterprise and 100% owned by the Government of Indonesia. Bio Farma is the only producer of international quality vaccines and anti sera for human beings in Indonesia, and being the largest one in Southeast Asia which dedicated to produce international quality vaccines and anti sera. This production of vaccines and anti sera are aimed to support the national immunization program in actualizing for a better health quality of Indonesian people.
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